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My name is Ellen.

I am a wife and mother of four very curious and active children.

I am a dermatologist.

I am a skin cancer survivor.

My husband and I are both practicing physicians balancing parenthood with the full-time demands of our careers. Like most busy parents there are days when we have very little time for ourselves… just getting out the door in the morning can be challenging. Finding a balance takes patience, especially when prioritizing the health of our family.

My philosophy is that, “our body is equipped with the most amazing, sophisticated mechanisms of rejuvenation and repair. The goal is to support those wonderful systems to allow them to optimize our skin’s health. Protection and prevention may be considered the least glamorous approach, but actively managed this is the most valuable investment you can make in your skin’s health.”

This philosophy captured the Previse team’s attention while reading my book “Simple Skin Beauty.” They too believe that the health and beauty of skin are intimately connected. When we met we discussed my holistic lifestyle approach to healthy skin including preventative maintenance, healthy eating and avoidance of overexposure to our sun’s radiation. Previse shared their desire to develop preventative skin care products that harmonize with our skin and our planet. We soon realized our collective experience, our wisdom, and our passion were in harmony. Previse invited me to be their exclusive Medical Advisor. Together we created a simple and effective three-step skin care process. Committing to a few minutes in the morning and again in the evening is something we can all do!

Previse recipes are customized to meet the particular needs of our individual skin types using sustainable ingredients, meaning they are easily grown or created without damaging our planet or person. The packaging is sublime. So often I see beautiful packages, but they are overly complicated and wasteful. Instead of putting money into these nonsense containers, Previse invested in the quality of its recipes.

Some of you may have recently seen me on the Dr. Oz show. I cannot tell you how wonderful the experience was to share my passion and holistic beauty philosophy with such a large audience. The feedback has been incredibly warm. If you missed either episode, I welcome you to visit www.ellenmarmur.com.

We invite you to find out your Previse Skin Type. Please visit our Personal Skin Care Consultation for a free consultation.