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The management of any skin care regimen requires multifaceted considerations. Welcome to Part 1 of our three-part Previse Skincare Case Study Series.

Presented is a 24 four year old male (Case Study 709) interested in clearing his acne and improving the overall health of his skin. Our client was becoming increasingly frustrated with his oily skin tone, and persistantly aggressive blemishes – both of which resulted in post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and scarring. As with most acne sufferers, he had tried multiple topical products that provided only temporary relief and results.

Our client was introduced to Previse in late December 2011, as part of our expanded user trials. He was excited to align the topical retinoid treatment prescribed by his dermatologist with Previse, and was committed to our twice daily, three-step regimen.

In the image below we see his before “self portrait”.  At the time he was only using liquid soap, an over the counter shaving cream, and his retinoid (which he had been using for less than 2 weeks.)

After completing his Personal Skin Care Consultation, our intake diagnostic determined our client was Previse SkinType 3. He then worked directly with Previse Wellness Expert and RN, Tamy Ottomeyer, to personalize his Skin Wellness plan.  The following program is his complete skin care wellness regimen.


  1. Stop using any product on your face except for Previse, and the retinoid prescribed by your Dermatologist. Specifically, eliminate the shaving cream that contains skin clogging silicones, petroleum, butane, harsh preservatives, synthetic oils, and fragrances. Replace your shaving cream with Previse Shaving Compound.
  2. In the morning cleanse your face with Purify Step 1.0 as directed.
  3. Towel dry your face.
  4. Using a cotton ball, gently dab affected areas of acne with an over the counter salicylic acid toner.
  5. Wait 1 to 2 minutes, then apply Nutrify Step 2.0, as directed.
  6. Following your application of Nutrify, apply Defend Step 3.0, as directed.
  7. In the evening cleanse your face with Purify Step 1.0 as directed.
  8. Towel dry your face.
  9. Apply your prescribed retinoid as directed by your dermatologist.
  10. Wait 1 to 2 minutes, then apply Nutrify Step 2.0 as directed.
  11. Following your application of Nutrify, apply Defend Step 3 as directed.
  12. Using our Jokipiin Face Polish Cloth, gently exfoliate your skin using Purify Step 1.0 no more than three times weekly to help remove dead skin cells without irritating or otherwise damaging your DNA.


To create our Previse shaving compound:

    • Mix a nickel-size amount of Purify Step 1.0 with dime-size amount of Defend Step 3.0 in the palm of your hand.
    • Gently blend the two products to lightly lather, then apply to damp beard area.
    • Using sharp blade begin shaving down your face, starting at your check bones down to your jawline.
    • After shaving your cheeks, upper lip, and chin, continue shaving in a downward motion to remove any unwanted beard from the underside of your jaw and neck.
    • Rinse your blade frequently to keep it clean of debris.
    • Change your blade every two weeks.


  • Salicylic acid, and topical retinoids, can dry your skin. If you notice any increased irritation, redness or itching in the affected areas, please contact me at once, and cut back on the frequency of your over the counter and prescribed applications.
  • You should only shave after using Purify Step 1.0, to cleanse your dermis and soften your beard area.
  • Apply a broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreen in the am that contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide after you have used Previse, Defend Step 3.0

Next week, Part 2 of our three-part series.
Witness improvements in Case Study 709’s DNA.