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Although not a necessary part of the Previse three-step process, we do recommend using a very mild exfoliating cloth two or three times a week. We have found that our Jokipiin Face Polish Cloth is the ideal complement to your Previse three-step regimen. Exfoliating with Previse + Jokipiin can help to maintain a healthy lipid balance, and smoother and more supple skin tone.


At the end of the day or before you go to bed, begin by using Purify, Step 1.0 and your Jokiipin 100% organic linen textile. A nubby face cloth woven from natural fibers works well too.

  1. Using a dime-size amount of Purify on your damp Joikipiin, gently massage your upper brow area.
  2. Then apply a quarter-size amount of Purify to your damp Jokipiin, and gently massage your DNA beginning at you upper cheek bone area, down the face to your jawline.
  3. Rinse your face and Jokipiin.
  4. Do not dry your face completely. Rather, leave your face damp.
  5. Now here’s the trick for achieving ultimate benefit of your Previse regimen which has been specially developed by our spa techs… Skip Step 2.0 Nutrify completely, and use Defend, Step 3.0. Defend is our marine based lotion alternative, full of antioxidants and hyaluronic acid for deep hydration.
  6. Using a dime-size amount of Defend on you Joikipiin, gently massage your upper brow area.  Do not scrub the dermis.  Allow your Jokipiin to gently caress your skin.
  7. Then, using a nickel-size amount of Defend on your Jokipiin, gently massage your upper cheek bone area, down the face to jawline. Again, allow your Jokipiin to gently deposit Defend for superior protection and hydration.
  8. Continue the process below chin and down neck.  If a little more Defend is necessary, apply directly directly to the skin using your fingertips.
  9. Do not rinse afterward.  Allow your skin to air dry.
  10. This technique is like having a mini-spa treatment in your home.
  11. In the morning recommence your Previse Skin Care, three-step regimen as directed.

*** Please note, over exfoliation can lead to skin irritation and increased sensitivity ***

We recommend exfoliating 2x or 3x weekly. Exfoliating helps to keep your DNA free of oxidized skin cells, plus gives your face a health glow and fresh appearance. Although Defend, and all Previse products, are safe and recommended for use in/around the eye area, Previse does not recommend exfoliating this sensitive area.

At Previse, we love to partner with Jokipiin Pellava Oy because they share our passion for prevention. Currently we offer the Jokipiin 100% organic linen & cotton Face Polish Cloths.

Jokipiin Pellava Oy has a multi-generational commitment our environment and their local ecology. For instance they cultivate certified 100% organic long-stem flax and certified 100% organic cotton. The Finnish company weaves these pure, natural raw materials into luxurious textiles. The Face Polish Cloths provide mild exfoliation without irritating or otherwise damaging the dermis or first layer of skin. Together with our Previse Purify and Defend they help your DNA retain a natural lipid balance, and smoother and more supple skin tone.

Fiber materials

All the products made by Jokipiin Pellava Oy are environmentally friendly and they are manufactured without chemicals. Jokipiin Pellava Oy’s raw material, linen yarn, is made from fine, long flax. Finnish summer is very light and this helps the flax plant to produce long and fine fibres. Their cotton yarns are Ökotex-certified or “super organic” from hand picked cotton fibres with KRAV-certification.

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