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Based on the vast array of email and photographs you send, we know you are are explorers and adventurers. A week ago we received this gorgeous photograph from Riley Grim. An aspiring artist and film student, she took the picture during a walking tour of the quaint town of Bolsena, Italy. Bolsena is famous for its gardens and annual flower festival. We are just as enamored with the rustic charm, vibrant and rich colors found in this casual residential neighborhood!

Lake Bolsena, or Lago di Bolsena, lies in the crater of an extinct volcano and is the fifth largest lake in Italy. In the 7th century BC, it was the site of a Villanovan settlement whose huts were built on stilts directly over the water, using reed platforms, hay roofs and cobbled floors. About four hundred years later it was settled by the Etruscans, after they fled from the Roman destruction of Velzna in 264 BC. Velzna eventually became Volsinii, a Latin name which has been transformed over the centuries into Bolsena.. Lake Bolsena is north of Rome in the Northern Lazio region just south of Tuscany.

Riley is currently on a year long student exchange program in Rome, and we look forward to sharing more of her photographic perspective and experiences over the coming months.

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