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Due to popular demand and questions related to our client Before & After post, here is a easy, clean and fresh alternative to using your current shaving lotion, cream or gel.

All mass shaving products contain one or more of the following ingredients: isobutane, petroleum by-products, silicone and parabens. Previse restricts use of these skin and eco-irrantant ingredients.

Optimize your skin’s health & wellness using your existing Previse Skin Care regimen.
(Image below of Previse Skin Type 6.  What is your Previse Skin Type?)


To create our Previse shaving compound follow these easy step by step directions:

  • Mix a nickel-size amount of Purify Step 1.0 with a dime-size amount of Defend Step 3.0 in the palm of your hand.
  • Gently blend the two products to lightly lather, then apply to damp beard area
  • Using a sharp blade begin shaving down your face, starting at your cheek bones down to your jawline.
  • After shaving your cheeks, upper lip, and chin, continue shaving in a downward motion to remove any unwanted beard from the underside of your jaw and neck.
  • Rinse your blade frequently to keep it clean of debris
  • Change your blade every two weeks

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