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The very essence of Previse is our passion for prevention.

Prevention is an active behavior. Prevention is not passive. Prevention is behaving in ways that optimize our health, and minimize negative impact on our bodies and elsewhere. Embrace 2013 by making sure you and your family members are ICE’d. It only takes a few minutes, zero dollars, and could save your life.

ICE stands for “In Case of Emergency”. By simply adding the prefix “ICE” to your contacts in your cell phone, emergency and health care personnel are able to cut through the large number of numbers stored, and find your emergency contact.

Knowing who to call if you, or a loved one, is involved in an emergency situation can save a life – your life.  Emergency personnel are able to quickly obtain necessary information including medical history, known allergies, and current lists of medications.  Access to this information maximizes effective treatment, and plan of care.

SnowDaze, January 2011

Here’s how to ICE your phone..

  • Simply program in the numbers of the people you would want contacted, in the order you would want them contacted.  For example: “ICE1: Jane Doe,”  “ICE2: John Doe,” or also use relationships and names ie “ICE: Jane-Spouse.” “ICE: John-Father. * Put a dash – in front of the letters ICE so it will appear at the top of your phone list.
  • The phone entry should  also complement, but not replace, written information or indicators for emergencies.  Previse recommends carrying medical and contact information in your purse or wallet.  Emergency personnel are trained to look for medical bracelets or necklaces, which should be worn by those suffering from pre-existing conditions and/or life threatening allergies!
How do you Previse?