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Introducing Previse SunSheerTM Broad Spectrum SPF 25

Dermatologist tested & approved, Hypoallergenic, and water resistant to 40 minutes.

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Micronized Titanium Oxide, Micronized Zinc Oxide, Green Tea and other botanicals help create Previse’s proprietary light-weight, sheer product that blocks harmful UVA & UVB rays. The ZeroSilconeTM recipe is free of harsh preservatives, skin clogging silicones, petroleum, synthetic oils, dyes, and fragrances. When used as directed, and with other sun protection measures, SunSheer reduces the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging as well as helps prevent sunburn.

Scientists agree that UV radiation harms the skin by damaging collagen fibers and destroying vitamin A, which accelerates aging of the skin. UVA can contribute to skin cancer via indirect DNA damage; it penetrates deeply, but it does not cause sunburn. UVA can be worse because there is no burning or reddening of the skin, which means UVA is able to penetrate for long periods without us knowing. UVB rays are shorter than UVA and do cause burning, which damages the skin. SunSheer is the ideal complement to our three- step, three-minute Previse Skincare regimen to keep skin fit and healthy at any age.

  • Signature botanical is pink grapefruit
  • Sheer formula is non-greasy

SunSheer™ SuperChill is our Broad Spectrum, SPF 25 skin cancer and skin damage prevention champion. Our SunSheer SuperChill recipe includes wonderful botanicals and cooling ingredients to help minimize inflammation; it is like a breath mint for the skin!  For those with sensitive skin, or otherwise do not care for a natural cooling sensation, SunSheer Regular, includes the exact same beneficial ingredients without the cooling sensation.

SunSheer helps block harmful UVA and UVB rays. SunSheer provides hypoallergenic UVA/UVB protection, and is suitable for all Previse Skin Types


Our skin is our single largest organ. We try to eat right, exercise, take nutritional supplements, and drink plenty of water to stay healthy and fit. Previse complements health and wellness practices. Their custom recipes blend botanicals with nutritive, aromatic and hydrating ingredients in hand-crafted, small batches so we ship the freshest product with highest potency for ultimate benefit.


SunSheer will retail for $36. It will be available March 30, 2013 at www.previsecare.com and exlcusive US dermatology and spa locations.

* Special Introductory Offer:  March 29, 30 and 31 only Save 25% on Previse Sunsheer. Simply use the SunSheer25 code during check out!!

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