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My name is Lynda. I am 64 and you can see in the close up of me, my skin looks amazing. I am a skin type 1-2.


As part of my job, I am lucky enough to travel to museums around the world to install modern sculptures. In 2012, I had the opportunity travel over 68,000 miles to study and work in museums in Vienna, Paris, Buffalo, Perth (twice), San Francisco, Princeton and Sao Paulo.  Besides business travel, I managed to squeeze in some vacation time on the Amalfi coast, Melbourne, Sydney, Siem Reap (Cambodia) and Bangkok. With so much time in planes and airports, and switching frequently between so many different climates and seasons, Previse products are an essential part of my travel kit.  I was especially happy to be able to cleanse and treat my skin after touring hot and unshaded archeological sites in South East Asia, or experiencing the polluted air of Bangkok.

The image of me below, is in a tuk-tuk, and taken with Angkor Wat in the background, with the additional images, featuring Tonle Sap Lake, near Siem Reap in Cambodia.


Trips to Australia + South East Asia are 3 weeks plus — no point in going all that way and shorting out.  Next, I am planning  to spend 2 weeks in Indonesia.  First Bali with its arts and paradisiacal landscape, then Yogyakarta to see Borobudur.
 I am checking off those World Monument Sites as fast as I can!
Lynda APRIL 2013 

How do you Previse?