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The wonder of the natural world around us is astonishing. Previse members are physically active and environmentally concerned, sharing our passion for prevention. In today’s increasingly complicated and uncertain world we are proud to create exceptional skin care recipes to promote overall skin health, taking care not disrupt the environment we all live in.

For our Previse SunSheer sunscreen launch in NYC this spring with Aviva Drescher, we were interested in creating a container with a unique design, which not only would be socially responsible and sustainable, but complimentary to the SunSheer sunscreen packaging, as well as the texture and natural fragrance of our PEG + silicone free recipe. Our interests lead to a collaboration with Distant Village Packaging. The results, we believe speak for themselves tremendously!


Distant Village as a global leader in sustainable packaging.  “We use a cradle to cradle process where we design and produce branded, handmade packaging from natural materials while empowering our Fair Trade artisans in remote villages throughout Southeast Asia.  Our mission to promote sustainability includes authenticity and transparency where we share photos with our clients (and their customers) of our amazing artisans handcrafting your custom-designed package”. Kyle Henry VP of Ethos


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