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Boutique beauty curator and entrepreneur, Christine Horovitz, opened Kiss and Makeup with aplomb in 2012.  Now in her second year, Ms. Horovitz recently announced the addition of Previse SkinCare to her collection of specialty brands. A cosmetic retail experience for men and women, Kiss and Makeup offers a unique assortment of products that emphasize being eco-friendly, vegan, and animal cruelty free.


Says Ms. Horovitz, “I’m very careful in my choices. As a smaller, independent business I cannot afford to compete with national chains, nor do I want to. Frankly, I’ve personally curated each and every product in Kiss and Makeup. Everything we retail, or use as part of our on-site services, has to be the highest quality. I choose independent brands and products because they are the best in the industry. They do not compromise and neither do I. Previse is already one of my leading brands because their products are free of parabens, petroleum, phthalates, PEG’s, silicone and artificial fragrances. Honestly, there isn’t anything else on the market like Previse. We are incredibly fortunate to have them right here, in our town.”


Previse SkinCare takes pride in recipes that include extracts of daisy flowers, rosemary, ylang ylang, and marine algae. They blend wonderfully potent botanicals with hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and wasbi extract. The combinations help balance surface oil and improve hydration to optimize skin’s fitness.

According to founder and industry vetran Sean Patrick Harrington, “We have a skincare bias.  We do not have a gender bias, nor heritage bias.  Our patients and clients are men, women, teenagers and grandparents. The single unifying element… our Previse belief that the world can be a safer, healthier, and kinder place. Previse connects people who share this passion. Together we created a company that offers apothecary, professional grade products safe for the individual, safe for the home, safe for the community, and safe for the planet at large.”

How do you Previse?