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The arrival and popularity of topical ingredients with proven skin benefit, as well as minimally invasive dermatologic technologies to treat medical conditions with little to no downtime, has laid the foundation for the emergence of Medi [short for medical) Spas. Ok, you say. That sounds nice.  But how is this different from a Dermatologist or regular spa… what exactly is a Medi-Spa?

A Medi-Spa is a non-surgical hybrid that bridges a traditional medical clinic and day spa. Medi-Spas offer medical programs operated under the supervision of a licensed physician + spa treatments. Medi-Spas can treat conditions on your face and body like acne, scarring,  fine lines, brown spots, redness, broken capillaries and spider veins. Traditional estheticians and cosmetologists are often restricted from performing these sometimes invasive medical procedures.

In addition to the invasive treatments, Medi-Spas treat topical needs such as hair removal, skin tightening lasers, Botox, dermal filling, chemical skin peels, schleroptherapy, plus topical prescription therapies, and other beauty procedures. Medi-Spas complement their medical procedures with traditional spa services such as nail care, waxing, facials, superficial microdermabrasion, and massages. Medi-Spa technicians consult with patients to develop a customized package that meets the individuals needs – medically and holistically.  The goal is to achieve ultimate skin wellness and beauty. Some Medi-Spas have a holistic and wellness focus that include services like acupuncture, nutritional counseling, and naturopathic doctor consultations as well.

Here are just a few medical services that you might find in a Medical Spa

    • Chemical Peels
    • Botox
    • Laser treatments
    • Photo rejuvenation
    • Microdermabrasion
    • Dermal filling
    • Body sculpting

When choosing a medi spa, there are some questions that you need to ask to ensure that you are choosing a safe, comfortable facility. These questions include:

  • How long has the spa been operating?
  • Is the facility licensed by the appropriate authority?
  • Are the therapists and technicians appropriately licensed?
  • Where were the therapists trained and what level of training do they have? This is especially important for advanced procedures.
  • Ask for an explanation on why the treatment is suitable/therapeutic.
  • Are there any reasons why I shouldn’t have this treatment?
  • Is the intake form for the spa comprehensive and easy to understand?
  • Is the spa run by a physician?
  • Is there a physician or registered nurse on the premises at all times?

When deciding if a Medi-Spa is right for you, you need to ensure that the facility operates within the scope of practice of its staff. This means medical treatments should be performed by medical professionals such as a Physician, or Physician Assistant (PA) or Registered Nurse who work under the supervision of a physician. Cosmetologists, while licensed professionals and highly qualified in topical treatments such as nail care, facials and microdermabrasion, are not licensed to inject the skin, use lasers, or perform medical level dermabrasion or skin peels.

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